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2019-06-04 08:12:42

NEW surf bonus!

Dear participants,

I have decided to make a SURF BONUS!

Everyone who surfs at least 10 websites via our traffic exchange will get 100 bonus surfing c...

Super Downline Builder Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Super Downline Builder?

  2. Super Downline Builder is a program where you can motivate your potential referrals in any other program by signing up members into their downline. For example, 2 members sign up after you, than next 4 sign up after previous 2, next 8 after previous 4 and so on, creating a 2-branched tree structure. If you have no program to advertise, you can choose between the offers of our advertisers and join their structure with chances that next members will join after you and some of them become your referrals for free!

    There are 3 types of structure offered by our site:

    One after another
    One after another

    2-branched tree
    2-branched tree

    3-branched tree
    3-branched tree

    Each position is filled from up to down, from left to right. The next position cannot be added before the previous is approved. The approval can be automatic (the correct answer is specified by offer creator and if it matches your answer you get approved) or manual (your answer is reviewed by your upline in that program). You have the time to complete the offer (in most cases to register at some site) determined by offer creator (but not more than 9 days) and no one can join the offer before you complete (or uncomplete) it. If you don't mark it as completed before the time elapses, your position will be lost and the offer will be available for other members.

    Also, we have the traffic exchange where you can advertise your website and earn credits by viewing other members' websites. The exchange ratio is 1:1. You can convert the earned credits to money at the rate of 50% of minimal sales value of credits.

    You can also earn by referring other members to Super Downline Builder ang get percentage of their purchases of our services and sold traffic exchange credits.

    The current referral commissions:

    • Level 1: 20.0%
    • Level 2: 5.0%
  3. Is participation in Super Downline Builder free?

  4. Absolutely yes! The membership is free and you can earn free referrals, site visits or money. If you want to add your advertising to our site, you need to purchase the relevant credits.

  5. What is the minimum payout?

  6. The minimum payout is currently $1.00. The withdrawals are processed manually during 3 working days.

  7. How to create a Downline Builder offer?

    1. Login to your account.
    2. Replenish your account balance for the sum sufficient for purchasing 1 Downline builder credit.
    3. Purchase a Downline builder credit.
    4. Go to Downline builder section and press a link "Create a new offer".
    5. Fill in the form.
    6. Wait until your offer is approved.
    7. Open you offer (click "View") and press the button "Activate". Your offer is seen for members.
  8. Is HTML code allowed in Downline Builder Description and internal messages?

  9. Yes. But it is limited to (you can use) following tags:
    <a> <abbr> <address> <area> <article> <b> <bdi> <bdo> <blockquote> <br> <caption> <cite> <col> <colgroup> <dd> <del> <dfn> <dl> <dt> <em> <fieldset> <figcaption> <figure> <font> <h1> <h2> <h3> <h4> <h5> <h6> <hr> <i> <img> <ins> <kbd> <li> <map> <mark> <meter> <noscript> <ol> <p> <pre> <q> <ruby> <rb> <rt> <rtc> <rp> <s> <samp> <small> <span> <strong> <sub> <summary> <sup> <table> <tbody> <td> <tfoot> <th> <thead> <time> <tr> <u> <ul> <wbr>
    Attribute style is not allowed. JavaScript is not allowed in any form. If you try to insert it, your account will be terminated immediately.